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How To Clean a Pistol


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Cleaning the Slide and Barrel Spring
How To Clean a Pistol

As you can see by looking at the cotton swabs, the slide and barrel spring can get very dirty very quickly.

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The slide is probably the easiest part to clean. Just run a solvent-moistened cotton swab along the rails at the base as well as in any nooks and crannies on the slide. You will then want to lubricate the rails using cotton swabs and lubricant.

The barrel spring is used to keep tension on the slide, bringing it back into place after each round is fired. For an in-depth cleaning, I usually run it through a parts-cleaner. For a quick basic cleaning, though, just use your cleaner and some cotton swabs to remove any visible grit and grime, usually the result of unburned powder. Then put a few drops of lubricant at the junction between the front and rear pieces, as well as on the spring itself.

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