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Short Barreled


Short Barreled

Short barreled 12 guage shotgun

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Definition: Short barreled is a legal classification of guns as set forth by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. The ATF considers a short barreled shotgun to be any shotgun having a barrel or barrels that are less than 18 inches long. A short barreled rifle, on the other hand, is a rifle with a barrel or barrels that are less than 16 inches long.

While it is only the receiver of the gun that is regulated in most cases, the ATF regulates the entirety of a short barreled gun. Therefore, if you plan to mount a short barrel on an existing receiver, you must register the firearm with the ATF before even purchasing the parts with which to assemble it. Registration requires an ATF application and a $200 tax.

In addition to federal laws, it is important to check your state’s gun laws to make sure you are in compliance locally, as well.

Also Known As: short barrel, short barreled shotgun, short barreled rifle, sbs, sbr

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