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Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifles © Michael J. Simpson
The Mosin Nagant is a historic Russian military rifle but a number of other countries, including Finland, produced their own variations of these guns, as well.


For decades, Finland manufactured many different models of the Mosin Nagant beginning in 1922 and going on through the mid 1970’s. They started with the basic M1891 and moved on to the M24, M91rv, M27, M28, M28/30, M35, M91/30, M39, M56, M28/57, M85. They also manufactured a carbine version of a number of these. The most heavily produced models included:
  • M24- The first Civil Guard Production rifle
  • M27- Produced from 1927 until 1940, about 70,000 of these were produced
  • M39- This is the most commonly collected Finish Mosin Nagant.
  • 1891/30- Produced at the Tikka facility from 1943-1944, as well as in the late 1950’s.
Mosin Nagants, as a whole, are hardy rifles and were used in multiple wars across three centuries. Nevertheless, the Finnish models have proven to be even more accurate and durable than the original Mosin Nagants.


The Finnish models shoot 7.62 x 54R bullets with the exception of the M56 which shoots 7.62x39. There is no great difference in price between these two types of ammunition, particularly for surplus ammunition. Surplus ammunition is a good choice for any Mosin Nagant as it is less expensive and often more reliable than some modern rounds. In fact, many collectors purchase large quantities of these bullets in what is known as a “spam can.” This is a sealed container that holds 440 rounds. It is a good value economically and the containers are designed to keep the bullets in working condition for many years.

As a word of caution, be aware that surplus ammunition is typically corrosive, meaning it leaves a layer of salt-like film that can rust a barrel if not cleaned thoroughly after shooting. If you are diligent about keeping your weapon clean, however, you shouldn’t have any problems with corrosion, making surplus ammunition a good choice for the economically-minded.


Collectors appreciate the Finnish Mosin Nagant models because of their historical value and superior quality. Nevertheless, there were tens of thousands of rifles built of most models so they lack the rarity that appeals to collectors. There are, however, a few models of which only a few thousand were manufactured.

The Tikka M27 Carbine was only produced from 1933 to 1934 resulting in just 2,000 rifles. The VKT M27 Carbine had an even smaller production run of fewer than 225 rifles. Of all the Finnish M27 Carbine guns, there are only 200-300 known to remain today. Similarly, the Finnish M24 rifle without stepped barrels and the Tikka M91 with stepped barrels each had a production run of only 3,000 guns. All of these models are highly sought after today.

In addition, the stepped barreled versions of any Finnish Mosin Nagant model are more collectible than their non-stepped counterparts. These rifles are also considered to be more accurate as the barrels are heavier and often have a bedded stock. For this reason, a lot of gun owners add these guns to their working collection to use for hunting or other shooting.


Because many models were produced in great numbers, many Finnish Mosin Nagants are readily available. Collectors may find, though, that they are just a bit harder to find than their Russian counterparts.


Depending upon the model and its rarity, age, condition, and design variations, a Finnish Mosin Nagant can range in price from less than $100 to as much as several hundred dollars.
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