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Curios and Relics

Curios and relics are a popular class of guns for collectors. Most guns in this class were manufactured at least 50 years ago but no earlier than 1899. Learn more about these guns here.

The Most Unusual Guns in the World

Luger Pistole Parabellum 1908
Learn about the famous Luger P08, including history, values, availability, and more.

Mosin Nagant 1891/30
This profile of the Mosin Nagant 1891/30 includes facts, history, and collectibility information.

Federal Firearms License for Collectors of Curios & Relics
Learn about this federal license for collectors and how to get one.

Bound Book
Find out what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives means when they refer to a "bound book."

Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifles
Learn about the history and collectibility of the Finnish Mosin Nagant rifles.

ATF Curios or Relics List
Want to see if a newer gun is on the ATF's Curios or Relics list? The entire list can be downloaded here.

Model 1911
Read about the popular Model 1911 pistol including its history, value, and more.

Walther P38
Learn about the Walther P38 pistol including its history and value.

Galand Velo-Dog
Information on the near-antique Galand Velo-Dog revolvers, including history and value.

What Does EIG Stand For?
Learn about the somewhat obscure EIG pistol.

Thompson Submachine Gun
Learn about the infamous Tommy Gun used by gangsters of the 1920's.

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