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Why Do People Want To Own Guns?


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Question: Why Do People Want To Own Guns?
Gun ownership is a hot topic for many people. Those who don’t own guns can’t understand the desire to own them, while gun owners have many and varied reasons for keeping themselves armed. Although some people may have their own personal reasons for gun ownership, the following reasons are among the most common.
  • Self-Defense
    The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics suggests that the majority of us will be the victim or the intended victim of a violent crime at some point in our lives. With the threat of violent crime in mind, many people choose to arm themselves in an effort to stay safe and/or to keep their families safe.

    Some gun owners choose to carry a weapon on their person in case of a violent attack while others choose to keep their weapons at home in case of a robbery or home invasion. In either instance, personal protection is the primary goal.

  • Hunting
    Some people hunt for sport while others hunt out of necessity for food or even skins and pelts. Experienced hunters or those who hunt regularly may own a variety of guns to use based on the type of game for which they are hunting. Hunters typically use long guns (rifles or shotguns) but there are some that actually use handguns when hunting for game of all sizes.
  • Sport Shooting
    People who participate in shooting sports generally own guns for fun. These folks have a wide range of backgrounds interests and include those who engage in competitive sharpshooting, those who shoot at clay pigeons, and even those who fire at tin cans and glass bottles in the backyard. Like other gun owners, those who shoot for sport may own a variety of guns for different types of shooting.
  • Collecting
    There are some gun owners who amass beautiful weapons with historical or personal significance but who have absolutely no desire to use the guns. These guns may be displayed prominently in a case or may ultimately wind up in a dusty box in the attic. On the other hand, some collectors are also shooters and proudly bring their prized weapons to the range or to shooting events.

    Collectors sometimes focus on a particular type or era of weapon such as revolvers, shotguns, law enforcement firearms, Civil War era weapons, etc. Others enjoy collecting a wide variety of guns of all types and ages.

  • Exercising a Right
    Some people own guns simply to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Generally, people who are passionate about this right also own firearms for other reasons like hunting or self-defense. Nevertheless, this is a common reason for gun ownership and many owners will say that the best way to keep a right is to exercise it.
  • Gun Owners By Default
    Some people become gun owners by default. When a parent or grandparent dies and leaves behind firearms, the heir sometimes becomes a reluctant or indifferent gun owner. If the heir is unwilling to sell or dispose of the weapon, they may stick it in a drawer or use it to start their own collection.

If you are thinking about buying a gun, you may indentify with some of the above reasons or you may have personal reasons of your own. In any case, it is a decision that is not to be taken lightly because with the right of gun ownership, comes a lot of responsibility.

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