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Where To Buy Your First Gun

If you are looking for the first gun to start your collection, here are the best places to find it.

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Chicago Gun Ban Deemed Unconstitutional

Tuesday January 14, 2014
With so much bad press and legal infringements on gun owners, it's a nice change to hear a story in favor of gun owners' rights. Recently, a federal court ruled that Chicago's ban on all gun sales inside the city was unconstitutional. Judge Edmond Chang gave the ruling as a result of a lawsuit brought by the Illinois Association of Firearms Retailers and several Chicago residents.

In his ruling, Judge Chang stated that a fundamental role of government is to protect the citizens. He also pointed out that the government is also bound to protect citizens fundamental rights, especially those enumerated in the Constitution, which includes the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment has, in recent years, been ruled by the Supreme Court to be a right of an individual to bear arms.Chang went on to say that Chicago's law went too far by completely banning legal buyers and sellers from being allowed to buy and sell.

All of this is good news for gun rights activists and supporters. Several states have been diligently working towards taking away the rights of its citizens to protect themselves. While this new ruling says nothing about specifically what laws can be put in place when it comes to buying and selling guns, at least we see that there is a limit to what the government can take from us.

Rest In Peace, Tom Clancy

Wednesday October 9, 2013
You all probably heard about the death of Tom Clancy last week. He was the author of a number of bestsellers including Hunt of Red October and Patriot Games. Because of my love of weapons and my military background, I have always enjoyed Clancy's novels. Recently, I found a neat little wiki with a listing of all the weapons that appeared in Clancy's novels and films.

I actually had the opportunity to meet him while he was writing Armored Cav and he struck me as both a true patriot and a great guy. Did you know that he started writing for the singular reason that he wanted to have his name in the library of congress? We are all very glad he continued his writing. God Speed, Tom!

Get 'Em While You Can

Thursday September 12, 2013
So President Obama signed an executive order recently banning the import of all military style weapons. This sounds like a great idea, unless you are a collector of old weapons like I am. What this executive order does is dry up the pool of collectible weapons.

The big reason given for the action was that "we don't want the guns to fall into the wrong hands." Of course, if Operation Fast and Furious is any indication, the ATF and the Federal government would be the "wrong hands," but I digress). I would say that it sets a bad precedent to do an end run around Congress (who just voted down gun control), the American people, and the Second Amendment by using an Executive Order. Unfortunately, that precedent has already been set by this administration.

And besides, studies have shown that countries with greater gun control do not necessarily have less violent crime. In fact, this piece in the Harvard Journal of Law and Policy shows that there is not even a significant reduction in violent crime within those countries.

Gun control issues aside, this really is a blow to collectors. So go out there and get the guns you want while they are still available.

The Return of Ammunition

Friday August 16, 2013
After several months of widespread shortage, it looks like ammo is coming back. That's a good thing for those of us who like to collect and shoot. I've noticed an upswing in the number of sites that have all sorts of ammo available. For me, the .22 lr is a good gauge for the availability of ammo.

For as long as I can remember, .22 lr was always available at Walmart for $35 for 550 rounds. So while I was stocking up on 9mm, 7.62, and 5.56 I didn't worry about .22 lr. By the time I realized that all ammo was going to be scarce, I did a count and found that I only had about 2,000 rounds of it. Now that may sound like a lot but I like to plink with my .22s so I can easily go through 1,000 rounds per month. Now, though, this ammo is more readily available so I can replenish my supply.

I'm thrilled, of course, to see ammo availability on the rise. This means that I can spend more time at my favorite range. Maybe I'll see you there.

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